Povd Emily Grey in Whip Cream

Emily is always up before her boyfriend so that she can make a nice breakfast and thank him for the beautiful life they lead. But this time, he surprised her by coming to the kitchen and starting some erotic play with her. Soon, he pulled out his erected penis and put whip cream on it – she was happy to lick it.


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He wants to return her the favor, so he starts eating out her beautiful vagina with passion, making her moan from tremendous pleasure she’s getting. This makes him horny beyond belief, so he turns her around and goes inside her in doggy style, which is exactly what she wanted. She turns over and spreads her legs and he attacks her once again.

At this point, he is a bit tired so she takes the main role – she starts riding him, and she always liked this position, as impaling the pussy on his erected cock always feels so nice. Both of them are enjoying every moment of this – ejaculation is near. Emily kneels down, and his man juice gets on her face.

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