Passion Hd Emily Grey in Book Worm

Emily Grey will never go to the school if she didn’t do her homework first – she usually lies down on the bed to make herself comfortable and starts solving the tasks. Her concentration is quickly broken as her boyfriend comes into the room and starts massaging her feet, which was exactly what she needed. But he wants more than that.


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He pulls down her panties and the massage moves onto her beautiful little pussy, which he starts licking and eating out, giving her the pleasure she deserves. As he is just too horny now, he pulls out his gigantic penis, and she is quick to take it with her hands and start sucking it, waiting for the sweet penetration.

He finally takes his rod and sticks it into her love tube, gently going in and out while she moans as this is the biggest pleasure she can think of. They change a few positions, each of them bringing them closer to the finish. As his cum needs to quickly get out, he ejaculates onto her face, making it wet and sticky.

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