Hustler Emily Grey in Naughty Cheerleaders #5

The moment he came into the room, he saw how hot she is and his dick was slowly starting to get bigger. Talking with her assured him that her face is just too pretty and her body too arousing, so he thought that he should somehow make a deal with her which will allow him to have sex with her.


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She agreed that they should bang, which made him the happiest man alive. She started by sucking his dick, making it even bigger than it already was, and then impaled herself on it, going up and down as fast as she could, making both of them reach the seventh heaven of pleasure. He turned her around and penetrated her from behind.

As he could not hold his sperm in anymore, he pulled out his cock to stroke it until the ejaculation. But Emily quickly took the matter into her hands – she always liked when the guy finishes into her mouth. She never misses the chance for that, not even now – the sperm splatters onto her tongue, fulfilling her desire.

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