Fantasy Hd Emily Grey in Ice Fantasy

Emily Grey always wakes up easily, with her boyfriend almost always still asleep. She then proceeds to get dressed, putting those little panties over her pussy. She takes a jar of ice, and comes close to her boyfriend to play with his morning wood. He still sleeps, so she takes little ice cubes and plays with them all over his body.


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He wakes up and does the same thing to her, taking her clothes off in the process and then starting to eat her beautiful pussy. She likes that, and that is why she moans in pleasure. His cock is now just too big and he has to give it to her to cool it off with her skillful tongue.

Now is finally the time for Emily to get penetrated. She spreads her legs and lets his boyfriend enter her depths with his rock-solid dick, and then they change a few poses, all of which give both of them incredible pleasure. In the end, he needs to ejaculate, and he does that just in front of her pretty face.

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