Als Scan Emily Grey in Taste The Rainbow

As she was feeling all sweaty from this hot weather, Emily Grey decided to go to the bathroom to take a nice bath. The moment she came there, she knew that this won’t include just washing the body as she had a sudden urge to satisfy her sexual needs. It’s a good thing that she has her companions from the bedside drawer.

He takes off her rainbow underwear and gets into a bathtub, where she starts sensually touching her pussy with her fingers so that she can later use her favorite vibrators for the same purpose. She moans and her legs are twitching, as the vibrations are going throughout her holy body, almost making her get to the mighty climax.

She enjoys every moment of this, as she likes to have some solo play whenever she is alone at home. She uses the faucet for both letting some fresh water fall on her pussy and for impaling herself on it. In the end, she climbs onto the corner of the bathtub just to show us how great looking her pussy is.

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